Fiber optics is the preferred solution for companies that require the most powerful telecommunications possible. Regardless of your business’s scope, Expectel’s fiber optics Internet access combines voice, Internet, video conferencing and web applications with service provided by the nation’s most extensive network.

Even if your local Internet provider does not currently offer fiber communications, we can help. The installation process is quick and easy:

1. We determine if your business is currently wired for fiber optics.
2. If not, our team of technicians set you up in no time.
3. Once you’re all set, you can expect guaranteed uptimes of 99.99% and lightningfast speeds of up to 1,000 MBPS.

With fiber optic Internet access, your employees can transfer and download huge amounts of data with zero stutter. Video conferencing has never been easier: you’ll enjoy the highest quality audio and video without interruptions or static interference, regardless of geographic location.
Because fiber optics use light in place of electricity to transfer data, the result is substantially higher frequencies and significantly greater data capacity. And because the cables are made of glass or plastic, there is no electromagnetic interference found in traditional metal wiring. Data can travel over longer distances and in the shortest amount of time, increasing employee productivity and instantly boosting customer relations.