Traditional Voice

Voice – Unified Communications

Expectel offers Traditional Voice services to business owners in nearly every metropolitan area. Whether you occupy a single or multiple office locations, we can design a phone system with all of the standard features provided by your local telephone companies, but at a much more affordable cost. Expectel can combine all your voice services for multiple business locations into a single, consolidated package, which means you get only a single telephone bill each month.

You’ll still enjoy the many productivity-enhancing features that are typically provided by your local phone companies. Choose from Expectel features that include:

Expectel features

  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Speed Dialing
  • Three-Way Calling
  • Voice Messaging
  • Local & National Directory Assistance
  • Low-Cost International Directory Assistance
  • Low-Cost Long-Distance Calling
  • Credit Card & Collect Calling Services
  • Third Number Billing
  • Advanced Call Center Features

Today’s businesses are looking for a high-speed, high-efficiency integrated voice and data systems that doesn’t require a huge financial investment. If you need a system that will grow along with your business while consistently delivering high-quality voice and data traffic, Expectel has a variety of options for you, including Traditional Voice services that utilize your existing PBX system or alternative cloud-based systems.

  • POTS Lines

POTS, otherwise known as “Plain Old Telephone Service,” can be significantly improved by switching to Expectel. Though you may not require all bells and whistles like a major corporation, you still need reliable phone service that provides crystal-clear communications.

With Expectel you can choose a cost-effective in-state-only plan or ask us to include the most competitively priced international calling plan. We even offer toll-free numbers at far lower costs than those associated with your local telephone company.

An all-digital ISDN (Integrated Digital Services Network) PRI system offers access to advanced call center features through a consolidated voice and data package. Expectel ensures that you get all traditional call center features you’ve come to love, but with far superior performance.

By using your existing PBX infrastructure, we cut costs while improving customer service. Our dynamic bandwidth and channel allocation allows your business to more easily manage multiple changes to traffic patterns and services over a series of non-shared lines. Standard features include call-by-call prioritization, call ID match or blocking, emergency redundancy routing, and out-of-band signaling functions.

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