T1 Inernet Access


T1 Internet access provides businesses with a number of significant advantages that standard, consumer-grade bandwidth simply cannot offer. With your own T1 service, your business lives on a dedicated Internet connection with a guaranteed consistent bandwidth. For corporations sharing the same building with numerous other companies, this can be a huge benefit. Your Internet speeds will no longer fluctuate according to the usage levels of neighboring businesses.

T1 lines are generally considered a bit more stable than traditional DSL or broadband connections. T1 also allows you to place your company computers and voice lines on your dedicated network, eliminating the risks of Internet overload. Expectel makes the installation process an absolute breeze. Your business probably has the necessary wiring already installed, so our technicians can have you up and running a T1 network in no time. T1 Internet access also saves you money and improves overall efficiency.

Bottom line? For businesses with at least 10 employees or 6 phone lines, switching to T1
access just makes good business sense.