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Expectel offers a wide range of SIP services to design the most efficient communications systems between multiple office and employee locations. Instead of connecting through a series of cables and wires like with a traditional voice and data system, we take advantage of the cloud to provide your business with a reliable and economical connection between two points of contact completely through the web.

SIP services deliver more freedom and flexibility to accommodate the individual and unique needs of your business. While you still communicate from your PBX device, SIP allows you to do so without the physical wiring and the recurring costs of separate voice and data circuits. Without a dependence on landlines and Internet cables, your employees, suppliers, and customers remain connected through the infinitely more reliable World Wide Web. You also save money associated with the purchase, maintenance, and support of traditional media gateways.

SIP is available in highly flexible bandwidth options. You can thus modify your SIP systems almost instantly as your business continues to expand and grow. The dynamic bandwidth allocation also provides maximum circuit utilization to ensure the most important calls are given highest priority. Best of all, SIP installation is a breeze and requires far less disruption to your business compared to traditional landline services.

  • SIP Trunking
  • IP PRI
  • IP Fax
  • Conferencing

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking provides a virtual connection to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) over a physical line that is simultaneously shared with your existing data connection. It is a packet-switched network line that acts very much like a traditional connection between two different physical locations of the same business.

Unlike those older systems, though, cloud-based SIP trunking consolidates voice, data, and Internet into a single network. That translates into the fact that every phone conversation essentially turns into a local telephone call, ridding your business of highly expensive long-distance charges.

An IP PRI system utilizes a switched-circuit model rather than the packet-switching concept of the SIP trunk. While both systems provide cloud-based connectivity for your business, there are some minor differences. An IP PRI connection is a single line with 23 individual voice channels and a single data channel.

Unlike landline PRI circuits with limited bandwidth, the virtual IP PRI systems are always of the highest quality. Your customers will hear you loud and clear, regardless of their location around the globe.

Big, bulky fax machines may not be as popular as they were before the Age of the Internet, but faxes are still a valuable method of transmitting important documentation. Rather than purchasing a fax machine, let Expectel integrate an IP Fax system into your VoIP package.

IP faxing works very much the same as VoIP voice services, and we provide you with multiple fax numbers for different cities around the world. This adds a level of professionalism and credibility to your organization while saving both you and your customers significant sums of money in long-distance phone charges.

Cloud-based conferencing is one of today’s most rapidly adopted technologies. In just the past few years, more than 80% of all major companies around the world have transitioned from older analog phone systems to those utilizing cloud- based technology.

Stop relying on outdated technology consisting of wires and cables, and choose to conduct all communications over IP. Share files, take part in online chats, engage in whiteboard conferencing, and enjoy global telephone and video conversations with each participant receiving the same high-quality connectivity.

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