Internet Access


Your network must adapt to the constantly changing demands of your day-to-day operations while providing reliable performance without fail. For businesses big and small, Expectel can create a dedicated Internet access package designed to excel. Expectel offers one of the most advanced IP networks in the world, providing customers with the most expansive connectivity solutions among employees, suppliers and
customers, regardless of their geographical location. With our high-speed business-class Internet access, we enable you to manage and share data, web applications, and website content in a secure and protected virtual environment 24-hours a day.

We guarantee bi-directional bandwidth in a wide variety of available speeds through a series of dedicated, non-shared ports. As your business grows and your Internet needs continue to expand, our scalable system can be modified almost instantly to adapt to your ever-changing demands.

Expectel will customize your dedicated Internet access plan based on your number of offices, their various geographical locations, and the number of total employees to create a cost-effective package without ever sacrificing reliability. We also take into consideration your company’s unique traffic and usage patterns.

Maximizing redundancy ensures consistently reliable network availability. And with our dedication to seamless integration, we can unify all your communications systems into a single, cost-effective package that includes voice, data, Internet, and even Applications Performance Management (APM) services.