We welcome wholesalers of all experience levels, providing a variety of cloud-based White Label PBX services with an affordable pricing structure. Resell our voice, data, Internet, and networking packages to any client in the world – while using your company’s unique brand name – and determine your own end-user price point. We never interfere with your customer relationship, working strictly with you, the wholesaler.

Your customers will absolutely love our disaster-proof communications and blazing-fast connectivity speeds. And regardless of the size of your client’s individual company, our competitive wholesaler package gets the job done and still delivers you a healthy profit.

Wholesalers also get complete access to our personalized assistance and support. It’s a perfect chain of service: You support your customers while we support you. One nice Expectel feature is our seamless cloud migration service, which transitions your customers onto our revolutionary cloud-based platforms. Simply put, we want to see you succeed, and are always standing by to help in every way possible.