The best wholesale voice services in the industry are available from Expectel. Why? From the get-go, we’ve purpose-built our business to deliver the same industry-leading services to both our retail clients and wholesale partners.

Whether your customers need to outfit a single business location or are expanding into global markets, we design a telecom system that’s as simple or as complex as you need it to be. From standard POTS lines to ISDN PRI systems for the most advanced call centers, your customers enjoy the highest levels of connected clarity, quality and reliability.

As an Expectel wholesale partner, you handle billing and customer support while relying on us to provide 100% of the infrastructure. Our affordable wholesaler pricing leaves you generous room for profit, and you even bill your clients on your own company letterhead under your own company brand.

We offer the entire range of telephone service features, too, from voice messaging to credit card calling and even third number billing. Our cloud-based voice services take your customers’ phone systems to the next level in efficiency and reliability without requiring a huge initial investment from your end.